Are you thoroughly confused as to how to give a new look to your old flat or house?

Posted on:28th, Jan, 2014

You are not interested in changing your old furniture or upholstery and yet bored with the monotonous look of your abode! What can you do to change the drab ambience and give it a complete makeover? Wall d├ęcor is the answer. You can add lots of energizing colours to your walls and couple it up [...]

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Wall Art- a perfect makeover to your rooms

Posted on:25th, Jul, 2013

Wall art is gradually creating waves everywhere because of the intrinsic aesthetic appeal that it possesses and tremendous impact that it tends to create in the hearts of art lovers. The best part of choosing these artworks is that you can get them painted by artists in your bedrooms, halls, kitchens as well as in [...]

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Welcome to Wall Magic

Posted on:20th, Jun, 2013

Redefine the beauty of your walls and make them smile like never before! Yes, Wall Art is not just a creative makeover of your walls, it’s a transformation from being ‘usual’ to becoming ‘unique’. An intrinsic aesthetic urge lurks within us, the dream to live in our own house adorned with the finest designs and [...]

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